Quilt Autism and Speech Center
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Our vision is to teach children to communicate who previously didn’t understand the concept of language.  There are children who do not realize that speech, the sounds that come out of our mouths, are of any importance.  Without this skill they cannot obtain true communication skills drastically limiting or eliminating their chance to understand others as well as express their wants and needs, let alone their opinions and ability to support social connectiveness.  Unfortunately, at this time, this is the destiny of numerous children including about half of the children with autism.

We teach communication skills in two ways.  First, we work with the children in a very intense, eclectic therapy program, attempting to discover the best approaches for each individual child to develop communication skills.  Second, we educate and support the parents in methods to continue their child’s therapy during the rest of their day.

We needed to prioritize quality versus quantity and we chose both.  We feel that the best way to accomplish this is to keep our program small enough that we can maintain the ultimate quality control.  We believe that this will produce extraordinary results.  We will conduct research and share our findings with the public, allowing others to copy our program so the maximum children worldwide can benefit.

Our goal is to teach communication skills to children who would not otherwise speak and to share our techniques with the world so that all kids without communication skills can benefit from our success.

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